Woman Underwent The World’s First Face Transplant And This Is How She Looks Now

It’s been just a decade that doctors are now perfect in face transplants. Now, with the advancement in medical technology, doctors are even doing better in giving someone a new face.

Head on to the story to see how the Poland’s only face transplant recipient is flaunting her new face after three years. You’ll be shocked to see how 26-year-old Joanna looks today!

This is Joanna.

To protect her privacy, she is known by her first name. She suffered from face tumour, known as neurofibromatosis and the face transplant was much needed.
In Poland, this 26-year-old woman was the second person who has undergone face transplantation.

Dr Adam Maciejewski along with his team in a 23-hour surgery transplanted 80 percent of her face.

Joanna after her surgery.

After her groundbreaking surgery, Joanna with her father. She was even able to participate in Press Conference after her surgery.
Joanna surprised everyone with just one single statement.

“I have nice eyebrows now.” Now that’s how you stay positive!
Joanna nearly after three years! The picture says it all!

The donor’s face has integrated so well with her muscles and tissues that it is difficult to say that this isn’t her original face.
An incredible medical technology!