Real or fake? Photo of World’s Blackest Baby

Recently, a photo of a baby got viral, because everyone claimed that t could be world’s darkest baby. Who is comparing, by the way? I am curious. Weird things get viral on internet these days and a website Social Trends, said that the baby was recently born in South Africa. Now, don’t take anyone wrong here as no one is being racist. Just the mere fact, that the baby has the darkest skin ever! Or maybe just a misconception by the world. Read more to know:

Here is another picture.
Here a boy, little older is along this man, and has the same skin tone. Is it the same boy? It is getting weird as people cannot believe if it is indeed the darkest baby or there might be many other. Till now, no one has been able to give nay explanations about this baby.


Using photoshop: curse or boon?

For girls who edit their pictures daily on photoshop, it might be a boon. But what about all those fake profiles or the images which have too much photoshop used? People even mess with other by using this photoshop technique, right? This app can make you look beautiful and hideous as well. Gues,, we just need to not trust any picture which gets viral. So , now its your turn to decide if the picture above is a real baby or fake.


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