Picture Of A Woman’s Double-Crossed Legs is Freaking People Out

These pictures will freak you out… Especially the one with the woman’s crossed legs…

#1 It’s a woman who may be the most flexible woman on the planet. We couldn’t believe this photo!

#2 This woman has double-crossed legs!

We have no idea how she’s doing that. It looks like it must be incredibly painful.

#3 This caused people to share other photos that completely freaked them out.

Like this picture of someone in traffic even though their windshield is blocked. How can they see??

#4 They also were freaked out by this giant wasp.

People could not believe wasps could be this large. We sincerely hope this one is a hoax because it is terrifying!

#5 This rooftop playground also freaked people out.

Just where does that slide go? It looks like those kids are falling off the side of the building. Hopefully it’s just an illusion!

#6 Someone also shared a picture of whatever the heck this is.

This is an image of a wolffish. It looks like some kind of mutant dinosaur, but it is a fish that exists today. No thank you!