Most Dangerous Female Gangsters In The World

When you think terrifying criminal mastermind, you don’t normally think of a woman. Of course, women are capable of everything that men are, but typically men are more prone to the violent, controlling, power hungry behaviour it requires to be a feared criminal. Men are more ruthless, and able to inspire fear in their enemies, but sometimes a woman can do the same thing.

Just like in the animal kingdom, there are some circumstances where the matriarch is the one in charge. Women are often known for their ability to demand respect and loyalty, and in the criminal world, those are valuable traits. Every mob family and drug cartel needs a leader who can keep all the minions in line, and be heartless enough to do what needs to be done when necessary. Also, simply being a woman might offer a little built-in protection from police scrutiny.

Here are 9 of the most dangerous female criminals the world has ever seen.