Her 5 babies were born healthy, but their birth SHOCKED doctors for one reason!

Danielle Busby and her husband, Adam, decided to grow their family. Having already experienced a whirlwind of difficulty trying to conceive their first daughter, Danielle prepared herself for a long road to pregnancy.

But in just a couple months, Danielle and Adam were expecting — and this time, they were stunned to find out it was quintuplets! Mom and Dad prepared the house for their four girls and one boy. But they were in for another surprise…

Danielle gave birth to the first all-girl quintuplets born in the United States — and the first all-girl quintuplets born in the whole world since 1969! These are record-breaking babies!

Five medical teams banded together to deliver the babies at Women’s Hospital of Texas. It took just four minutes for Danielle to deliver Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, and Riley Paige.

Danielle and Adam were already blessed with a 4-year-old daughter, but their desire to grow their family never ceased. As for Blayke, she’s thrilled to be a big sister.

Multiple births are notoriously risky. The more fetuses there are, the greater the chance of pregnancy loss. Doctors attribute Danielle’s highly successful birth and delivery to her focus on keeping herself and her babies healthy. She even tried her very best to stick to a diet of 4,500 calories.