Evil Thugs Tried To Drown A Puppy In Glue, But Look At Him Today.

Dogs are popularly known as ‘Man’s best friend’, probably because they’ve earned it. But on the other hand, humans are not always known for being good friends to them. Canines are one of the most faithful and fearless companions to humans who believe in giving unconditional love. All they expect from us in return is love, but sometimes we fail to do so. While some adults can come off as rude and unkind, it seems that the face of innocence in the world, aka children, are following the footsteps of their elders. Today, humanity is diminishing with each passing day as the level of brutality continues to increase at a much faster pace.

At last! The face of cruelty shockingly came to light!

The cruelest of all instances occurred when a group of children tried to sink a stray dog in a pool of industrial glue for some ‘fun’. Covered in glue, the poor pooch was then dragged through the mud by these children and was left there to die.


Pascal, the puppy was found in a terrible state by the rescuers.

The 4-month-old canine named Pascal was spotted in a horrendous condition near an industrial area in Istanbul by some animal rescuers. When found, the dog’s fur was severely tangled by the chemical adhesive which required many medical baths to remove. His skin was burned and one of his ears had become necrotic due to the lack of blood.


Pascal was quite traumatized and scared after his brutal ordeal at the hands of those kids.

Pascal was quite disturbed, scared and in pain after this inhumane treatment. His reaction was more than understandable given what he had gone through. Rescuers said, “After the glue had been removed, he stood in shock for one day. He was even turning his back to hide when he saw people.”