Do You Know What the Semicircle on Your Nails Indicates?

Hey, Just for a moment take a look at your nail. Many people are not aware of the fact, that the whitish circular inside nail is highly sensitive and important part of nails. Some might of you have noticed this after reading this post! The semicircular patch at the base of a nail is called lunula. Your fingernails should be kept short, overlie the skin by about a millimeter. Do you know that this white patch can indicate whether a person is suffering from any diseases? Scroll down to see how it reveals about any health disease.

See How Important it is to Have Lunula on Thumb?


If You Do Not Find Lunula On The Thumbs, It Can Indicate The Presence Of Psychological Illnesses.

See What Lack Of Lunula Reveals About Health?


The lack of the lunula or rare glance on the index finger can signify that a person is struggling with pancreas, intestine, liver problems and issues with the reproductive system when it comes to women.

It is Important to Have Lunula on Middle Finger


If Lunula is disappeared from the middle finger, it can indicate issues with arterial pressure.

If Lunula is not there on the third finger, it can be a sign that a person has issues with their endocrine system.

Don’t Have Lunula On Fourth Finger? Don’t Forget To Visit Doctor.


The lack of the lunula from the fourth finger may be a sign that a person’s intestines are blocked up.