5 Small Dog Breeds That Will Force You To Adopt One Today!

10 Small Dog Breeds That Will Force You To Adopt One Today!


Yorkshire Terrier

They probably are the cutest among all the small breed dogs. Often called ‘Yorkie’, they are energetic, affectionate and very fast learners. They likes to boss around their fellow canines and get along quite well with the other dogs. People living with yorkies love to dress them up and pamper them.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It will be impossible to control yourself and not cuddle with this adorable pooch. This pup is one of the most popular among the small dog breeds. These fearless canines are considered to be very elegant and gentle and caring towards their family. So shower all your love on these tiny little pups as they are completely worth it.


Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is a favorite among dog lovers. They are extremely adaptable and truly love people, kids, cats and other canines. They make very loyal friends.


Brussels Griffon

This pup is often considered to be not the most attractive one but it sure is cute. These awkward looking canines are smart, adaptable and cat-friendly. This breed isn’t considered to get along well with kids. So they’re better suited for single owners.